Saturday, April 21, 2012

The MacBoo Brothers....

3 Scottish Ghosts add a bit of highland cheer to your Autumn Festivities. They are 9.5" to 10.5" tall. 
Maxx has a plaid vest and Tedd sports a kilt.  On #18 canvas.  
A Stitch Guide is included with each canvas. 

SFD012-P  Tedd   SFD013-K  Fredd   SFD014-P  Maxx

Available at your local needlepoint shop.  

Visit my website to view canvases.

If you are unable to purchase these canvases at a nearby shop, 
they can be purchased online: 

Note: It's best to purchase the MacBoo's at a shop, as they have threads and fibers needed to complete these projects.  The online shop carries canvases only.  However, you may have fibers and such in your stash that you may wish to use.  


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  1. Thank you for commenting. It all looks well and all links appear to be working. I'll ask a few friends to check it from their sites tomorrow. Please check back...and thank you for the heads up. You can also see the MacBoo Brothers on my website:


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