Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peek vs. Peak

OMG! It was just pointed out to me that I incorrectly used peak, instead of "peek" in my last blog...yup, I sure did. Thank you Persnickety!  Although, I sure could use a vacation right about now, so maybe, subconsciously, I really did mean Peak!  I fixed my error and truly hope that Persnickety will return for another peek in the future.... From My Little Corner of the World, Sandy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm a Celebrity!

Well, sort of.  I am the featured guest on the blog "Nuts About Needlepoint" by Janet Perry, internationally acclaimed needlepoint stitcher and a dear friend.  Janet asked me to write a series of articles about my Custom Needlepoint Canvases and Part One begins today. Thank you Janet!!! Over the next few weeks I'll be back on her blog for more sharing. 
 Pop on over to her blog to learn more about my Custom Needlepoint Canvases.

You can also get more information about Custom Needlepoint Canvases on this page of my website

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