Friday, November 11, 2011

Military Emblems - Needlepoint Canvases

  Sandy Grossman-Morris Designs 
NeeDLePoiNT and MoRe!

Stitching  memories!

 A military emblem that is framed, made into a pillow top or a hanging
ornament is destined to become an everlasting 
heirloom. We will put your customer's loved one's military emblem on needlepoint canvas.

The canvas above is the emblem of my granddaughter Savannah's Air Force Basic
Training Flight, and will be finished as a Christmas Ornament. As she progresses
through her military career, I will continue to add to her collection.  

 Emblem Ornaments are fast and easy to stitch and finish...order yours today!

Please note that highly detailed emblems are not suitable for ornaments as they
lose too much detail in the resizing.  They are more appropriate for framing,
pillow inserts, etc..

 All designs are available on #13, #14 or #18 canvas.

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