Sunday, September 26, 2010

How To Make A Crib Sheet

We have a new baby arriving in the family very soon and today found me sewing 2 crib sheets.  I'm making them from 1 double size fitted sheet that was a lucky find at a local thrift shop.  It was new & it was a Pooh Print, matching the nursery decor!   $4  Yay!

NOTE:  a double sheet makes 2 crib sheets!  

Amazingly simple, I thought that I'd share how I made them.  

MaTeRiaLS FoR 1 CRiB SHeeT
45" x 70" fabric (Prewash)
48" of 3/8" elastic, cut into four 12"long pieces
thread to match
scissors, sewing machine, ruler

ease level:  lots simpler than it appears
cost: so much less than store bought
time required: 30+ minutes, depending on skill level.

note: it took just over 30 minutes for me to make 2 crib sheets, which included photo time.  
I used my serger (6,000 stitches per minute!) and that speeds things up a whole lot.
 I also used my Black & Decker electric scissors....I am so in love with power tools!


Cut fabric to size.  
If using a double size sheet, cut in half, side to side (NOT LENGTHWISE!) You will be making one crib sheet from the top half and another crib sheet from the bottom half.


If using a sheet, as I did, remove existing elastic, cutting close to the elastic.

Skip #2 if you are not using a sheet!

Cut & remove a 9" x 9" square from each corner.
Note:  If you are using a sheet, you can leave the 2 corner seams as is. Just cut the 2 remaining corners.


Fold over the corner, right sides together, as shown.
Repeat for each corner

Sew each corner closed, as shown.  Stitch twice, as these are the pressure points that need to withstand a lot of wear and tear when you take them on and off the mattress. 

Either serge all around the edge of the sheet, or sew a small hem all around, your choice.


Find the center point of one 12" length of elastic and sew it to the center of your corner seam. 


Then, sewing from the center seam, stretch out your elastic while you are sewing.  Flip, and stitch the other half of the elastic, following the same instructions. 
Be sure to use a zig-zag or an elastic stitch so that you have a stretchy corner!
Repeat for each corner.


Your corners should look like this!


And, here are my 2 completed crib sheets!
Final Cost: about $2 each. (I had elastic in my stash)

e-mail me if you have questions... 
If I've inspired you, please send photos. 
I'd love to see them!

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