Sunday, June 6, 2010

It was an EPIC PARTY!

It was a fabulous Grad Party and as promised here are the Candy Bar Photos!  Alex was so pleased, proclaiming it an "EPIC PARTY".  Guests arrived from near and far to celebrate the BIG DAY with Alex.  Of course, the Candy Bar was a complete success. After browsing throughout the afternoon, guests loaded up  "several for the road" in personalized boxes.  I made the stickers for the boxes in Photoshop and included the who, what, when, why and where in various fonts (color: white).  I used a hot pink background and added a lime green border to keep with the color scheme.  
For the candy signs, I again used various fonts, this time in black ink, printed on hot pink card stock. Grammy and I layered them on glittery lime green card stock for an extra punch of color. As you may notice, we used various ribbons, plus flip flop and flower foam stickers to decorate the individual candy signs and glass containers. Totally cool! And, it was so fun for the two grandmothers to spend an afternoon of creativity!
We used encyclopedias to create various heights for the larger containers, covering the whole table with layers of (new) hot pink bath mats, beach towels and scarves.  A skirting of tightly gathered white netting turned out to be a good choice. Chrome chargers were placed under some of the large containers and a few well placed black items, such as the graduate silhouette and a decorative dress form grounded everything and made the pinks and greens really pop.
You can see the pix to the right, but if you want to see larger photos...scroll to the bottom of the page for a better peek. 
If you have any questions...e-mail me! I do share ideas, and am willing to send specific photos if requested.  How about creating a Candy Bar for your next event?  Choose a theme, pick out your colors (2 to 3) and go shopping!  
Congratulations Alex, We Love You!


  1. I love this Candy Bar idea. I think I want to do it for a party soon.

    Keep Stitching,


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