Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lunch Date with Bob

Bob invited me to Hope Valley, way up in the Sierra Mountains, at a Fav place called Sorensen's. Actually, I think he just wanted to "play" with his newest Big Boy Toy...a Ford F150. With less than 30 miles on the odometer, we headed east to Highway 88.

A yummy the little cafe, then a walk-about following the inset bear tracks!

Sorensen's is an historic resort in the high Sierra. We have been guests here many times and even held a huge family reunion here in 2005. Check it out at

Along the way we encountered enchanting bears fishing in the little

on-site catch and release pond and catching up on the newest novel (or maybe it's a guide to local hiking trails?).

Aren't these flowers just gorgeous?

It's hard to remember that Sorensen's is at 7,000 ft. above sea level.

There were so many flowers scattered throughout

the resort...oh so pretty!

At last....we arrived at "OUR CABIN" ...St. Nick's. This is where we stay when we need a few days away from the hustle & bustle of real life. A well known secret...make reservations for late September, early October, that's when the leaves are turning. Truly, it's an incredible sight.

P.S. Many years ago Bob carved our initials in a tree high up on the mountain behind the resort.

Next trip I'll have to "climb the rock" and get a photo! 

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