Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hi and thank you for stopping by Happenings....

This is my first foray from "My Little Corner of the World" out into the World of Blogging. I'm quite certain that it will take me a few days to figure all of this out, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, you may see some changes as I tweak settings and such. :) I welcome suggestions for improvement.

I am back in my studio after tackling a bummer of a cold/flu.... :(
I wouldn't wish it on anyone (ok, I lied), the cough is nearly gone, I have regained my voice (poor Bob!) and I am looking forward to a great summer...!

What I did on my Summer Vacation: In September I will be able to say: I redesigned my "branding", remodeled my website and Online Newsletter, added a Blog (right here!), designed many, many new canvases to my catalog, brought in a new/fantastic line of note cards, added "Let's Go Shopping" for Sandy's Stuff AND Survived the DREADED FLU.

The Photo of the car with the Needlepointed Personalized License Frame?
That's one of my CRZPL8Z too can own this ride!

More on it tomorrow!

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